Sunday, May 9, 2010

Two Weeks

Would you always / Maybe sometimes / Make it easy / Take your time

There's exactly two weeks left until I leave for Ghana. Over the past month, I've gotten all the shots and pills I need, a new knife, a passport holder, and a water bottle that should hopefully mean I can drink the water without this happening:

Because that would be bad.

We've finally got a syllabus and itinerary for the trip. Some of the better parts include a trip to Elmira Castle, which is really more of a former slave processing facility/holding dungeon, one of the biggest in West Africa. We're visiting two preserves dedicated to Rhinoceros and Monkeys, and one dedicated to freaky hybrid Rhinomonkeys. We also get to climb across a rainforest canopy on a bridge made entirely out of rope and good luck. From the pictures I've found, it looks like something Indiana Jones wouldn't even cross. Unless he was being chased by a squadron of Rhinomonkey-mounted Nazis, of course.

There's a few free days on the schedule, so I'm sure I'll break free from the biology students and track down some more political or historical destinations, like Independence Arch, or call up Kofi for some lunch.

While originally the plan was to fly through Heathrow, it was much cheaper to fly Delta/KLM via Amsterdam. For a modest fee, Delta can delay my AMS -> JFK flight for a few days, so as long as the finances allow for it, I think I'll hang out in Amsterdam for a few days after Ghana to relax and partake in some delicious Stroopwafel. I'll visit the Anne Frank House, take a canal ride, and, if I'm lucky, see Van Gogh's earlobe.

I'll probably throw up one more post before I leave. Once I get to Ghana, I have no idea how the internet access will be, so I'm not sure how frequently I'll be able to update this. Pictures will probably not be an option until I get back home, but I think text updates should be a possibility.

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