Sunday, December 6, 2009

World Cup and British Invasion

Last week, FIFA announced the results of the bracket lottery for the 2010 World Cup. I should be in Ghana for not one, but two games for the first round. Ghana is in Group D, and plays against Serbia on the 13th of June and against Australia on the 19th, both of which I should be in-country for.

I'm not, by any means, really a "soccer kid." My Mom tried putting me in a soccer little league of some kind when I had just barely more height than my kneecaps do today, and it just never stuck. I was much more interest in standing around and eating delicious powdered donuts on the sidelines than playing the game. Little league baseball was a little more successful, but only because I could sit in the outfield and eat donuts and actually still be playing my position pretty well.

Despite this, I think World Cup soccer is one of the most interesting and intense sporting events on the planet, and I'm more than excited to be in a country that actually cares about it. The only competitions that comes close are Olympic Hockey and the Air Guitar World Championships, which I hope to compete in once my air guitar comes back from the air luthier.

Also, since my flight is JFK -> LON -> GHA and back the same way, I'm thinking about delaying my flight back home from London a bit and exploring the city for at least a few days. Obviously this is going to depend heavily on how much cash monies I have saved up by the summer, but I've never been to Western Europe and I'd love to do the more touristy things. See Big Ben and the Eye, grab a pint at a pub, get a picture crossing Abbey Road, and maybe even taking a red bus tour through the city. Joe said he'd be interested in coming along, so that would make the trip even more excellent.

Two more weeks until the end of the Fall semester. Over break, I'll be spending most of my time scouring the interwebs for study abroad scholarships.