Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Accra, Accra!

Day one in Ghana. Today was mostly about getting our bearings; we took a bus tour around the city of Accra. Much credit is due to our driver, who somehow navigated laneless, half-paved streets lined with foot-deep sewage/rainwater drains of doom without once hitting anything.

IMG_0321Example of aforementioned Doom Drain

The level of income disparity was staggering, one block would be populated with Mercedes and Toyota SUVs, and the next would be a slum. I thought this picture captured that nicely…


It was market day in the Muslim neighborhood and the outer lanes of the street were filled with vendors selling everything from cell phone minutes to plantains and it took us about an hour to navigate a mile of road.


The women who balance various parcels on top of their heads are called Headporters, and are mostly very poor women from the north who come to the coastal city in search of job opportunities. Sadly, many of them live, eat, and raise children on the streets or in the slums.

That’s all for now. It’s time to drink seven gallons of water and then have a nap.

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