Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Alive in Ghana

Made it to the hotel in East Legon alive and well. My parents and probably Erin are gonna kill me because I won’t have internet or cell access until tomorrow.

The ride from the airport was unreal. Bobbing and weaving through haphazard traffic at nighttime with no geographic bearings whatsoever probably should’ve made me want to cry, but I was so emotionally numb after 14hrs of airplane travel that almost nothing would’ve been able to phase me. After a good meal and a hot shower, I’m ready for my first night of decent sleep in what feels like forever but is really only a day.

IMG_0316 Leaving Accra’s Airport via Suicidebus

We’re only in-country for a little over two weeks. Then it’s a few days in Amsterdam and back home. We’ve got individual rooms for tonight, so it feels a bit lonely right now, but we’re moving into doubles tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll have WiFi access tomorrow and can start posting these updates. Breakfast is at 7, so it’s time for some sleep.

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