Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Somewhere Over Algeria

Roughly two hours into the AMS –> ACC leg of the flight. This one should clock in at just over six hours of airtime – slightly less than the JFK –> AMS flight. I don’t have any of that fancy midair internet magic available on this flight, so this won’t get posted until I’ve reached Ghana. That is, of course, assuming we have decent internet. I’m assuming we’ll take turns pedaling the bicycle which powers the 28.8kpbs modem we’ll have in our rooms.

I got up to use the bathroom as a result of overdosing on the Stroopwaffel I purchased in Amsterdam (I blame Joel) and the subsequent in-flight meal which consisted of shell pasta in a green sauce that resembled spinach. Luckily I filled up on Dutch pastries before boarding, so hunger is not an issue. The Heineken served on every KLM flight is a nice touch which helps one to forget they’re hurdling through the atmosphere at 650 miles per hour in a giant aluminum tube filled with aviation fuel, but makes you panic even more when you hear the pilot’s announcements in Dutch and, for a split second, think you’ve finally gone mad from 12 hours airborne.

IMG_0315 Our Boeing 777 for the AMS –> ACC leg

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